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Congratulations to our winners!

Winners of Blackboard Award for Professional Development

  • INTI International University and Colleges
  • Malayan Colleges Laguna

This award recognises those who use Blackboard programs to support and enhance their faculty and staff’s professional development. This can include anything from creative learning opportunities to on-the-job training in the newest technologies, and should display an organisation-wide dedication to innovative training & development programs.

Examples that demonstrate this achievement include:

  • Effective and creative ways to support faculty and students that go above and beyond
  • Sharing and creating course content for entire program use
  • Tools used to internally support the program (e.g., mentors and power users)
  • Innovative training methods for faculty and staff
  • Providing a rich and structured training & professional development program

The submission was evaluated using the following rubric:

Winners of Blackboard Award for Student Success

  • INTI International University
  • Curtin University
  • Western Sydney University

This award recognises individuals and/or institutions whose creative program application has led to increased retention, increased completion, and/or improved outcomes through the implementation of new academic and/or administrative resources, data analytics solutions, scalable advising and intervention strategies, student support programs, and more. Submissions should focus on (a) how they fostered student success and (b) provide quantitative evidence of their success. This can be measured in terms of increased completion rates, increased student satisfaction (via a survey), an improvement in student learning outcomes, or an increase in student contact or interaction. Examples that demonstrate this achievement include but are not limited to:

  • High impact courses and experiences that lead to higher levels of student satisfaction, retention, and completion rates
  • Effective program evaluation practices that result in increased student outcomes
  • Retention coaching or mentoring programs that lead to higher levels of student retention and student skills
  • Broadening access to academic, technical, and/or transactional needs of students that lead to higher levels of student or institutional success

The submission was evaluated using the following rubric:

Winners of Blackboard Award for Inclusive Education

  • Charles Darwin University

This award honors those customers whose methods have ensured their pedagogy, content, technology, and educational services are fully inclusive and supportive of all learners with disabilities. They have taken specific steps to rethink how learning is achieved and have provided the means to help students succeed. Examples that demonstrate this achievement include but are not limited to:

  • The course goals and learning outcomes are clearly defined, either in the syllabus or in the course units themselves.
  • The instructor has taken the time to develop differentiated activities when applicable.
  • The instructor gives students options for how best to showcase their knowledge and understanding, which increases engagement and ensures all learning styles and needs can be met without complex accommodations.
  • Explicit instruction is provided for all units, assessments, and activities. It’s important that students -understand exactly what’s expected of them.
  • All Images have alternative text or have been explicitly marked as decorative.
  • The instructor does not use images of text in the course content.
  • All Word and PowerPoint documents are properly structured.
  • All PDFs are tagged for accessibility.
  • All Videos are captioned.
  • All of the colors being used have proper contrast between the background and foreground.
  • The instructor has selected tools and technology for instruction that support students with diverse needs.

The submission was evaluated using the following rubric:

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